Friday, July 22, 2011

"And a Little Child Shall Lead Them..."

Doing the dishes the other day. I left the water on while I reached for some more dishes on the other counter. My 4 year old is milling about..."helping." She says something I can't hear. "What did you say?" I ask her.

"Mom," she asks, kind of put out that I hadn't heard her or hadn't understood what she said, "You know Jesus?"

I did a quick inhale of surprise. How to answer such a big, probing question? The whole essence of life--do we know and follow Jesus. Should we sit down and discuss the meaning of knowing and following the Savior? Should I get out some scriptures? A flannel board story? A song?

"Yes, Sweetie," I say slowly so she'll know that I mean what I'm saying. "I know Jesus."

"Well," she responds, "You are wasting his water."

In her mind and heart, he is real and by the way, I was wasting his water.

The question has stayed with me since. Do I really know Jesus? Some days I answer, "Oh yes, I most certainly do!" and other days my answer is not quite so confident. Do I live like I know Jesus?

And most importantly, do the small ones and tall ones in my house know that I know Jesus? I hope it shows. Thanks, my little girl, for the wonderful question...and the reminder to turn off the water.

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