Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Sunday, Emily made 130 sugar cookies, complete with frosting and sprinkles for FBLA week.  I wandered in and out the process, asking if she needed help and then moving on to other things as she did not.  She packed them all up, did most the dishes and went upstairs to pack her bags for school the next day.  Monday, she drove herself to seminary at 6 a.m. (popping in to say good-by at 5:40), then drove herself to school, where she handed out cookies during second period to all the FBLA members.  Then she drove to her first softball practice of the year (at another school, as we don't have softball), met the new coach, worked hard in the rain, drove home.  Five minutes here to eat and she and Rachel left for Symphony in Salem.  Came home at 9:20, singing and laughing.  Did a little homework and went to bed.

I feel pretty unnecessary.  I did a few dishes.  Didn't help frost. Didn't take the cookies and help her hand them out.  Didn't help find the containers to pack the cookies.  Didn't gather her softball clothes.  Didn't remind her of practice, homework, practice gear or seminary.  Didn't wake her up.  Didn't meet the new coach.

She just did it all on her own.

I suppose I should be proud of her--which I am.  Proud and pleased as ever.

But sad.  And unnecessary.  A spectator.  Watching her do it all on her own.

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